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Country of manufacture

Trademark of hair care products (JOSE EBER) is owned by TOL.INC of USA.


Its headquarters is in the United States of America, in Calabasas, one of the cities of Los Angeles county in the state of California, and the company registered the trademark in the United State of America, and it established its factory for assembly of the products of JOSE EBER in the People Republic of China, and the website of JOSE EBER products is:


As such, any of the products of JOSE EBER which  marked on back side with a sentence that it is made in US, will certainly be an imitated and unoriginal product because the original products of JOSE EBER are assembled in China, and not in US, and this doesn”t necessary mean that all JOSE EBER products manufactured in China are original because the local market and some electronic stores offer large quantities of imitated products of JOSE EBER whether they are marked with “made in US” or “made in China”, and unluckily some of these products are very difficult to be distinguished or known. 

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