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Dear customers, the orders that are received from May 05, 2021, Ramadan 23, 1442, are expected to be delivered after the Eid al-Fitr holiday, Eid Mubarak.
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About Fake Product

Danger of Use of Imitated Products

Cosmetics as general including the hair care products are dealing with health of user directly, and because of that , the original products are subject during their manufacturing to world standards concerned with the user, and making him avoid  the dangers which may happen in case of using the imitated products which are often temptative to users for sake of saving some money as they are often in low proces which is less than the original products, and because we take care of safety of consumer so it is our duty to remind and to warn that the dangers of using an imitated product which is not controlled by world quality standards and non complying to world specifications and parameters (and Saudi Arabia in particular) are never equal to the difference between value of the original value and value of the imitated product which is cheaper in price . Additionally, he imitated electrical systems in general are dangerous, and they may cause an electrical … and dangerous burns.


For Agent and Chartered Distributors

      Amalna Trading Establishment is considered as the authorized agent of the products of JOSE Beerir in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it is shown in the parent company website on the following link.


And it has been evidenced that there are some imitated products of JOSE Beer products in the market which are widely spread in the Middle East, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so Amalana Trading Establishment apologizes as it cannot exchange any product under warranty which has been purchased from any store, distributor or an electronic store not belonging to Alalana Establishment. Therefore, and so that customers secure their rights and avoid falling as a victim for commercial fraud, we advice them to make sure that there is an official invoice and a warranty card with seal of our establishment “Amalna Trading” affixed on it with purchase date and product name marked thereon in case that purchase is made from one of the branches as shown on the following link

Or that there is an invoice from one of the authorized distributors mentioned below:

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